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The Song Of Pounce

April 29, 2013

Here are a few titbits from the first chapter of my  book for ages 8 and up; The Song Of Pounce, Homestead Harmonies, published by Outskirts Press in 2012.

Welcome Wounded

Pounce continued to shake. He felt sick and too exhausted to run again, but there was still a little fight left in him if needed, so he kept his eyes focused on the dog at the door. He breathed in shallow puffs, the light hurt his eyes, his torn paws stung, and he could not remember the  last time he had tasted food. He pulled his matted tail tighter under his body and continued to squat, a trembling and shivering little bundle of wet and torn hair. It was hard to see what color he was under all that mud. Water dripped off his short coat, and pooled on the floor.

“What a mess,” Matthew growled as he stared at the cat while reaching across the counter for the coffee pot. He poured half a cup and lifted it to his mouth as his wife addressed him.

“Help me, dear. Use this to pick him up and place him on the table.” Bonny pushed a big towel toward Matthew and he sighed as he put his untouched coffee cup back down. … Nothing could stop Bonny once she was in rescue mode.

Matthew sighed again and prepared himself for however long it would take Bonny to “fix” the cat. His coffee would have to wait. … To the cat, it all became a blur then. The woman clipped off a great deal of his hair, from everywhere it seemed, and she was especially careful to clip where he was burned on his belly and legs, and to check his skin for burns. … Pounce lay as still as he could … and finally yielded to the rumbling inside that erupted in a purr.

“Ay, Matthew. Listen to our kitty. He knows we’re trying to help him.”

“Haw! Your kitty!”

Matthew shook his head, groaned loudly and turned to go, leaving the cat and his wife purring to each other. “Cows. Someone’s got chores, you  know. I hope there’s chicken soup on the table and not cat when I finish up.”

That night Pounce thrashed in his dresser drawer bed and Bonny kept watch until he grew quiet. For several days and nights he didn’t move much except to drink broth, nibble on small bits of chicken and thrash while he slept. He dreamed of being cold, frightened, in pain and finally curled up somewhere warm. The curled up warm part was the best part of his dreams. Finally, he realized that he actually was warm and his belly really was full, and for the most part that was enough. Pounce didn’t think about anything else.


The complete story of The Song Of Pounce, Homestead Harmonies is available from the publisher, Outskirts Press or to order from any bookseller, such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon. com, etc. Multiple copies (ten or more) should be ordered from the publisher as the multiple copy discount more than covers the cost of shipping.

Readers are saying they love The Song Of Pounce and their children are now asking for the next edition, which should be out this year. Watch for the second book about the Pounce cat.

_____Nita Berquist, author







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